About Us


This initiative will educate on the eligibility requirements and help streamline the Dual Citizenship process. Our specific goal to raise the number of Dual applicants by 10% in the upcoming year will show how education and push for more streamlined protocol will economically help the Philippines by connecting more Fil-Ams to the treasures of our motherland.


Filipino American Young Leaders Program (FYLPro) Batch 1 delegate, Steven Raga, first helped start an initiative 2 years ago called Filipino American Civic Engagement (FACE) that consisted of young professionals, students and community organizers. FACE emphasizes the responsibility for Filipino young adults to claim dual citizenship to (1) receive the benefits of Philippine citizenship, (2) exercise voting rights given to Filipino citizens and to (3) promote the integrity of democratic processes.


This year FYLPro Batch 2 delegates, Rachelle Ocampo & Edward Santos, hopes to jump start FACE’s initiative by creating this platform as a transparent and practical platform for education and awareness. They, along with FYLPro delegates from Batches 1, 2, & 3, are pushing for a common application to be shared among all of the Philippine Consulates across the nation to create a more cohesive application process for all.

Find out if you are eligible for citizenship in the Philippines!